The OPTisafe Program encompasses the identity of Sani Marc Food and Beverage. Products, CEPS Plus Software, Engineering, Technical Services and Training are Sani Marc’s strengths.


Sani Marc Food & Beverage Division offers a proactive approach with a high level of service. We work in partnership with you to ensure you get the most from our expertise in cleaning and sanitation solutions.


“We provide ongoing efforts to innovate, accelerate and enhance your operations.”

Sani Marc manufactures a complete range of cleaning and sanitation chemicals. We also distribute specialized equipment and accessories for the food & beverage processing sectors. Sani Marc’s chemical innovations have contributed to significantly improving food safety. Offering innovative thinking and total solutions, we make cleaning and sanitation easier, more efficient, and more cost effective. We work closely with you to ensure you get the support you need to optimize your cleaning and sanitizing processes from improved product shelf life, to reduced cleaning costs, to employee and environmental safety.

CEPS PLUS® Software

“CEPS Plus is the most powerful specialized software in the industry.”

CEPS+ is an exclusive software designed to help you create, modify and manage sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOP).
Developed by Sani Marc, it is the simplest and most powerful specialized software in the industry. CEPS Plus software makes your certification
processes easier, with a standard recognized by GFSI, the Global Food Safety Initiative. CEPS Plus allows businesses to establish and update
specific cleaning procedures, plan cleaning schedules, manage the time allocated to each activity, keep track of upcoming tasks and more.
It will also help you adhere to HACCP and other quality standards and audit protocols.


“Sani Marc’s Engineering Department reflects our commitment to fully meeting your needs.”

Change happens quickly in the food & beverage sector. Being able to optimize transformation and cleaning processes is essential for
reducing operational costs. To make it easier for businesses to remain focused on their routine production activities, Sani Marc created
its own in-house Engineering Department. Our Engineering Department’s multidisciplinary team has experience in dealing with the unique
challenges of the food & beverage industry.

Technical Services

“The professionals working on Sani Marc’s technical service team have in-depth expertise and knowledge of all industry sectors.”

Sani Marc has created a dedicated in-house technical service team to offer support and assistance to all customers. Our technical service
includes the installation, maintenance and repair of specialized equipment for food & beverage plants. Our team of professionals is an
additional support tool for all your cleaning process needs. It also provides our sales team with technical and scientific support so that they
can recommend the best solution for the selection and maintenance of equipment.


“Sharing our knowledge.”

Sani Marc develops and offers both theoretical and hands-on training programs adapted to your employees. These training sessions can be given in your plant or in our training centre in a workshop or classroom type setting. Our way of contributing to the growth of your sanitation operations is by focusing on your financial health and on the welfare of your employees.