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All-purpose liquid sanitizer that can be used on equipment, walls, ceilings, floors and utensils. Leaves a bacteriostatic film for an increased protection. Destroys malodours. No rinse if used below 400 ppm.


Ready-to-use. Ideal for quick treatment of surfaces in direct contact with food. Designed for high-risk contamination areas. Evaporates quickly and leaves a bacteriostatic film. Alcohol-based formula allows for removal of organic contaminants. Ideal for delicate surfaces and areas, where the use of large quantities of water is not required.


Alco Wipes FC wipes are intended and suitable to clean hard non-porous surfaces in contact with food. Ready to use; no rinsing required. They evaporate quickly and leave a bacteriostatic film for a prolonged sanitizing activity. Ideal for cleaning up areas where access to water is limited and delicate surfaces that cannot be washed with water.


AO2 GEL is a powerful acid gel cleaner designed for daily or periodic use in the food & beverage industry. Its acid formula contains a mix of surface-active agents that help penetrate soils. When dissolved in water, it forms a thixotropic gel that enables the product to better adhere to surfaces, increases the contact time and provides an optimum cleaning efficiency. The use of the AO2 GEL technology significantly reduces rinse water consumption.


Sanitizer specially designed for footbaths Produces stable, rich and abundant foam. Excellent spectrum of efficiency even in the presence of organic material. Good tolerance to hard water. Leaves a bacteriostatic film on treated surfaces.


BIODESTROY is a foaming sanitizer that can be used to remove and control organic contaminants on equipment and surfaces found in food and beverage plants.


  • 5 minute contact time provides a quick turnaroun.d
  • Safe – no chemical premixing.
  • Easy to apply – one product with a trouble-free dilution method.
  • Phosphate-free formula offers a positive environmental profile.
  • Helps eliminates odors.
  • Foam application offers prolonged contact time and decreases scrubbing action.
  • Promotes food safety by potential sources of bacterial outbreaks.
  • Recommended for organic production under CAN/CGSB-32.311 and 310.

BIODETECT is a specialized product for the detection of biofilms on surfaces in food processing plants. BIODETECT will aid in maintaining high standards of food safety and hygiene. ADVANTAGES – Does not stain or leave residue on treated surface. Simple spray application does not require technical staff. Reacts quickly for fast turnaround times. Visually and accurately identifies contaminated surfaces. Allows for trouble shooting in small, hard to reach areas. Detects the presence of biofilms to insure food safety and brand protection.


Caustek Free is a mild alkaline formulation that does not contain any caustic soda and is primarily developed for soft metal surfaces but it is also compatible with painted, plastic, and rubber surfaces. This phosphate free formula provides maximum cleaning efficacy and optimal environmental performance. Caustek Free covers all CIP high turbulence applications such as tank, pipe and process equipment. It is non-foaming in both hot and cold water. Ideal for bakeries and fish processing plants, its cleaning properties will easily remove fat, oil and lubricant deposits.


Concentrated non-foaming peracetic acid-based sanitizer. Designed to optimize food processes. Formulation specially adapted to preserve wholesomeness of food. Excellent spectrum of efficiency in the presence of organic loads. Efficient even in the presence of hard water with pH up to 8. Suitable for use in cold water. Prevents accumulation of mineral deposits. Excellent environmental profile. Recommended for organic production under CAN/CGSB-32.311 and 310.


CHINOOK 110 is an antimicrobial agent for use on raw, post-harvest, whole and cut fruit and vegetables to reduce bacterial contamination that may cause product spoilage or decay. It can be added to spray, wash, rinse, dip or other processing water. CHINOOK 110 has been reviewed and deemed acceptable for use as an antimicrobial control agent for use in food process water for fruit and vegetable wash and flume water. CHINOOK 110 can also be used as a surface sanitizer on food preparation areas in food plants as well as process and field equipment. It is recommended for organic production under CAN/CGSB-32.311 and 310.