Sani Marc offers highly effective washing, cleaning and sanitizing products that meet our organic requirements.

Their recommendations have allowed us to reduce our chemical consumption costs.

For us, our partnership with Sani Marc is a guarantee of quality.

Jean Bolduc, director of operations

“We chose Sani Marc for the quality of its products, for its fast and efficient service, for the professionalism and availability of its account manager and for its competitive pricing.

Thanks to Sani Marc’s products and services, at Aliments ASTA we have been able to, among other things, curb product losses, reduce accidents due to the mishandling of chemicals through quality products and the efforts of our trained sanitation team, as well as avoid delays at the front end of production.

Sani Marc is also helping us to optimize operations by giving our team access to yearly training on cleaning and sanitation techniques as well as to its CEPS software and even the ILCS.

Sani Marc is constantly developing more efficient products, which for us is a sure sign of quality assurance. Products are manufactured according to strict recipes and delivered in a timely manner. Professional and personalized customer service. Recommending Sani Marc to our contacts is a pleasure.”

Chanel Fournier, quality services director

« As we started to use Sani Marc Gel Technology on a regular basis, it became obvious that we use less chemical, had increased contact time, covered more area and hidden areas, and we used minimum water»

It also improved our efficacy of cleaning as we do not have to repeat our washes or rinses to meet our ATP standards. In one year, we cut chemical consumption by 55% from 53 drums to 29 drums. We are very happy from a food safety and a cost-saving standpoint.

John Cairns, sanitation manager

“Recently, we switched from foam cleaning to using Sani Marc Gel Technology. This has been a very positive experience for us.”

Some of the benefits we are experiencing include:

  • Improved cleaning results, all surfaces coming quite clear of protein residues and with no blueing.
  • Improved efficiency in the time required to apply the chemicals and clean the equipment.
  • Less problems with dispensing pressure, resulting in optimal equipment performance.
  • Reduction in water consumption due to improved rinsability of the gel.

Using Sani Marc Gel Technology has helped to optimize our cleaning efforts, control our costs and improve overall results.

“Working with Sani Marc in the past 2 years was a big relief for our establishment from many perspectives”

  • ATP failures were reduced from as high as over 36% recorded […] to 5.2 % failures due to the contact time provided by Sani Marc Gel Technology compared to standard foam. The acceptable pass rate is 15%; therefore the results using Sani Marc Gel Technology are considerably below the acceptable level.
  • Significant budget savings on overall chemical usage.
  • Significant decrease in chemical consumption due to quality, efficiency and strength of Sani

Marc Gel Products through our central cleaning systems.”

“We are extremely satisfied with Sani Marc and the switch from chlorine-based foam to Sani Marc Gel Technology.”

The change has not only resulted in clean equipment (improved microbial results) but has also proven to be cost effective. We now use 75% less of the chemical we used in the past. Our sanitation team is also very pleased […] as they find there is less of the harsh chlorine odor.

“We chose Sani Marc as our cleaning products supplier for several reasons”

  • For its service and for the direct link between our account manager and its sales manager, which ensures we get great service from Sani Marc, as well as quick follow ups.
  • For its straightforward and efficient interventions, which go beyond the usual service we were getting from our former supplier. For the efficient and exceptional support it provided throughout the process to ensure the smooth implementation of its products.
  • For its post-implementation follow-ups, which are done in a rigorous and professional manner. Every intervention by one of their reps is documented and sent to the appropriate individuals. We also appreciated the way it trained our team.
  • For its outstanding products, both safety and peracetic acid products.
  • For its support on using its CEPS safety management system, which is widely recognized in the food industry and for its food auditing system. The support and implementation of its system has improved monitoring of our daily, preventive and corrective sanitation programs.

For all these reasons, choosing Sani Marc has brought assurance and depth to our safety and production departments, as well as to our entire organization.

Francis Deshaies, plant manager


Our partnership with Sani Marc started in 2016 the moment we built our factory. We decided to trust Sani Marc because it is the supplier of choice for our parent company, NutriGroupe. We quickly understood why.

Sani Marc helped us with our employee and hygiene and sanitation training. They also guided us in implementing our HACCP program, provided technical support and helped us adapt activities for our new facility.

We have received constant support and practical, hands-on assistance. Thanks to Sani Marc, we were able to jump into production without having to worry about cleaning or CFIA regulations.

“We are definitely satisfied with the move.”

Our cleaning staff’s initial uncertainty with abandoning foam for Sani Marc Gel Technology was set aside in the first hour of the change. Since that time, cleaning results are visibly better and favourable first impressions have been reflected in improved micro and ATP swab results. The effort needed to do the job and chemicals usage rates are both lower than before, and the Sani Marc Gel System is simpler to operate.

Bill Cusack, quality manager