When used regularly as a prevention tool, Biodetect and Biodestroy will protect surfaces from organic contaminents. Adding this solution to your cleaning processes will allows you to take control and avoid the costs and inconveniences of shock treatments.


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BioDetect is a quality assurance tool that lets you easily verify the presence or absence of biofilms on surfaces. When the product comes into contact with a biofilm, a foam forms in seconds, indicating a contaminated surface.

BioDetect can be used daily to identify sources of contamination. Adding it to your quality assurance audit procedures will allow you to establish acceptable cleaning levels and validate your cleaning operations. This tool complements ATPmetry (which increase cleanliness and optimize food safety) whereas BioDetect verifies the presence of biofilms

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BioDestroy eliminates and controls organic contaminants on surfaces. Its powerful action will allow you to increase or optimize food safety and cleanliness.

The regular use of BioDestroy promotes a preventive rather than a curative approach. It’s a winning strategy for safeguarding the quality of your products and your company.

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