Processors have no room for error when it comes to protecting for allergies.


Food allergy is a growing public health issue in Canada, there is no cure other the avoidance of allergenic foods. Approximately 2.5 million Canadians self-report having at least one food allergy and the incidence is highest among children.

Providing safe and healthy food to the consumer is the responsibility of the food processor. When producing allergen-free food, specific processes are put into place to make sure allergens don’t mix with allergen-free products. Cleaning and Sanitation is one of the critical steps where the risk of contamination can be controlled. This is where Sani Marc can help.

Three products – Chloragel, Gelox and Germachlor Ultra have been tested on gluten, milk (casein), eggs, and soya (tofu) to confirm what concentration and time is required to remove these allergens.

The objective behind this initiative was to help our customers strengthen their procedures and provide additional control in plants’ allergen removal procedures.

Chloragel, Gelox and Germachlor Ultra have been tested to help remove gluten, milk (casein), eggs and soy (tofu) from surfaces based on the following parameters.

Chloragel 3% 15 min
Gelox Pure 5 min
Germachlor Ultra 0.6% 15 min