Meat and Meat Products Processing

Degreasers, cleaners, odour-removal products: specialized products for meat and meat product processors.


The cleaning processes used in meat and meat products processing facilities must always be beyond reproach. Sani Marc’s Food & Beverage Division has extensive experience working with meat and meat product processers, and can develop complete solutions that are adapted to their specific needs.

We know how important food safety is to the development of quality products. That’s why we promote a preventive approach and methodology that take the risks of unwanted microorganisms into account. We manufacture and distribute sanitation products and equipment that can optimize your food processing operations with the most efficient technologies.

Degreasers, cleaners, odour-removal products: we tailor all our products to the unique needs of meat and meat product processors. Our R&D approach can also help you minimize your environmental impacts.

Sani Marc’s expertise in meat and meat products processing has been recognized in Canada for several years.